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7th grade art



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Abstract Drawing Unit

In this unit we study  how to judge art through Formalism.  We look at composition, balance, rhythm, repetition, color and emphasis.  The students found a picture and had to crop the picture to the point where it was hard to recognize the original theme. They enlarged the drawing and colored them in colored pencil.  This lesson is adapted from a lesson by Kerri  Fuller in School Arts, September,1999 issue.


Kaleidoscope/Color lesson

Prior to this final example the students do samples of the following color schemes, cool, warm, analogous, monochromatic, and complementary. In the final painting, the students choose  one to two color schemes for the finished painting. We discuss composition,  and touching all three edges as we design the pie shape that we repeat six times to create the circle. 

Notes on Color



 We start the unit by viewing cultural masks from around the world and discussing the different purposes in creating and wearing masks. The students  create a mask that demonstrates the use of coil, slab, and modeling. They are asked to add some found object to  the mask and write a story to go with it.  The Elements and Principles discussed are form, texture,  balance, repetition and unity.


Sculpture Unit

The students study abstract and non-objective styles of art.  We view slides from the Minneapolis Sculpture garden and discuss the styles and a variety of other  aspects of the sculptures.  We pour plaster into the school milk cartons and the next day start to carve. The students must have a minimum of 3 depths per side, repeat patterns and create designs that pull your eye around the sculpture. The end sculpture should not look too blocky, like the mold.  We have poured into other molds also. This is one of my students favorite projects.

Notes for sculpture

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