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Kids Page



Thanks to Judy Decker for allowing me to cut and paste these links from her page

Learn about art!       Make Art!       See art from other students!

Mr. Picasso Head

Art Games

Collage game

Color schemes game

GirlsGoTech.org - The Games - Mandala Maker

art.com artPad

NGA Classroom: Mobile Maker

Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Barkley Interactive

fun things Optical illusions to explore

From Cave Art to Your Art

SAAM: Meet Me At Midnight Solve a mystery at the museum

Tate Kids - Imaginary City Build a city

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Tate Kids | Art Detective | The Case of the Mysterious Object


Sanford- Study Art  
Studying the Elements and Principles of Art- Explore the World of Art! Learn about art history. 

Art-Edventure- from Sanford
Hands-on activities, games. Timeline, definitions, artists and art styles
Here is just a sample of the fun on this Sanford site:
Leonardo's Workshop
Carmine's Introduction to Color   Color Theory vs Dr. Gray!
Carmine's Introduction to Portraits  Face 2 Face Portraits from the Past http://www.sanford-artedventures.com/index.html  

Inside Art 
Explore a painting as an art historian would. This interactive Web
site takes you on an adventure into a painting. You will be asked
to answer some key questions so that you can return to the
 museum and begin your adventure again.
Web Museum Art History Time Line
A virtual time line of art and art history lets you explore art and
drawings from around the world, from Gothic European to
contemporary Japanese artworks. Choose a time period and read
about the art and artists from that time. Then click on an artist
to view the artworks created by them. After investigating some
of the different periods, choose two artists who created art
from different periods and compare their works.

Kids Art Masters' Gallery  KidsArt is proud to provide the Masters' Gallery segments for the popular PBS Television drawing show, Mark Kistler's Imagination Station. Click the Masters' Gallery links below to see and read about the famous artwork.

Art Safari Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
Explore the theme of animals in art through the work in the Museum of Modern Art. Take a “journey”—and adventure in looking at art. http://artsafari.moma.org/

National Gallery of Art Adventures in art--activities and projects plus an animated musical adventure through the sculpture garden.

Living Colour- Australian Museum of Art-- Fun interactive site to learn all about color and how to use color more effectively. Good science integration.

Wacky Kids - Fascinating and "wacky" website for kids launched by the Denver Art Museum.  Creative art projects and much more will keep kids aged 8-10 busy for hours.  One of the first websites ever produced by an art museum that features a variety of printout activities for kids.  The "wac" in wacky stands for World Art and Cultures, and it is the place for kids to explore art from around the world. Four areas can be investigated which correspond with the D. A. M. own collection s."  

Art Is....  Children's Museum, Indianapolis Puppets, sculpture and more! Arts' Workshop. Fun activities to make at home. Children's Museum home page.

Chicago Children's Museum Click on the hands or names to learn more about some of the neat stuff you'll find at Chicago Children's Museum. Click on the PLAY ME boxes for fun games and surprises

Artsonia Online Children's Art Museum View other students' artwork from around the world. An educational website dedicated to uniting students through art.

A. Pintura : Art Detective You can be an art detective! See if you can find Grandpa's Painting. Art history disguised as a mystery!

More Games for All Areas You will find games and educational sites for all subject areas. Take some time to explore. Discover the world of art, science, history and geography with Web Adventures and online activities!

Discovery Room  Welcome to the Discovery Room Online! Like the Discovery Room at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Discovery Room Online is a special place for all ages to touch and see things up close, to explore our world, and to learn something new.

Kids Paint on Line Select a color--click the mouse and draw. Select a different color and draw some more. Try to make a picture just with dots--like Georges Suerat or like an Aboriginal dot painting!

Seussville The Cat in the Hat, Sam-I-Am, Horton and the Whos, and the rest of the Seuss characters welcome you to Seussville, Dr. Seuss's playground in cyberspace.

Kidzdraw Pick your age group- then select from the list of fun things to do.

Java Sketch - Like "Etch a sketch"—must be able to do Java http://www.ops.org/art/douglasweb/javasketch/javasketch.html  

Children's Art Activity Books | Bright Ring Publishing | MaryAnn Kohl | Art Projects for Kids


Crayola Kids  Cute site for elementary children--Lots of on-line activities. If you like coloring--check these print and color pages.

Making Friends-Crafts for Kids  At Making Friends you'll find lots of creative activities for kids ages 2 through 15.   Free Kids Crafts

Clay Interactive site - lots of fun. Learn how to throw a pot on the wheel, make a coil pot, slab pot or face pot. Need Shockwave. Slow to load, but worth the wait. Online studio for kids to play around with North Carolina crafts.

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station! The most popular learn to draw in 3-D site on the planet. Be sure to visit the student art gallery!

Art History for Kids The Art History Teacher on the Net will show you how to look at art through a series of art clues. You will be an Art Detective and travel to some of the major museums of the world searching for famous art works

Haring Kids Interactive coloring book, online activities art and more.

100 hot kids websites These are top rated Kids sites for the week. The content on all of these sites has not been checked.

Surfing the Web with Kids Welcome to newspaper columnist-- Barbara Feldman's view of what's wonderful on the Web. Welcome parents, kids, teens, grandparents, teachers, librarians and the incurably curious. 

Smithsonian National Zoo Home Lots of animal photos -- Video Web Cams, too! BE sure to check out  Zoo Views.

Cyberkids Home Kids Connect--fun and games-- creative works and more!

Kid's Club at the ARTmosphere for kids that love art Fun sites selected by and for middle school students.

KIDLINK: for Youth 10-15 Empowering kids and youth to build global networks of friends

Kids' Space Make friends all over the world-- see art by kids-- music activities--costumes and a whole lot more. Share your stories, pictures, and musical compositions!

National Geographic for Kids Lots of special features just for kids.

Kids' Corner Rainforest Action Network. Take a look at the environment through images, video, art, and question and answer pages. Find out about the animals and people of the rainforests.

Mid Link Magazine The Digital Magazine for Kids by Kids from 8 to 18.

Kids Safe Links Puppets, science, animation and more.

Research Site for Kids Cool spots, fun stuff, safe surfing.

Rosetta Stone Cleveland Museum Archaeology Lots of  things to learn - like what they did to make mummies and how they built the pyramids.

Yahooligans! Web search guide for kids.

Kids of the Web Three kids have put this page together to highlight the Web pages that are about or authored by KIDS.

See other students' art from all over the country! 
Art Web pages from the Getty Art Ed Talk List members:

Art-Rageous   http://www.art-rageous.net/

ARTmosphere Site created by Michelle Herrell
Hot Links: The ARTmosphere's list of great sites picked by teens for teens
The Classroom Page at the ARTmosphere: assignments, student artwork, and more!

Mr. Olejarz, art teacher   Check out his perspective lesson!
Rosedale Middle School--Kansas   Art Department Woody Duncan, teacher 

The A R T room 1 1 4- Deb Sterner

The Art Kids
Michal Austin, Art Teacher

Roberta Dunkle – Elementary art http://www.cole.k12.mo.us/  

Mr. Golombek's Art Page --art teacher at Lowry Middle School, North Tonawanda, NY. Links to some of his favorite artists.  See how his students learn about the History of Photography.

Monroe Middle School Monroe Wisconsin. Art teacher Connie Ferguson.

Alexander-Kinderkunst- Art Projects with Kids See all of the fun things Alexander from Germany does with kids! Click on anything in the opening page--then click on the thumbnail images in the left border.

Red Mill Art Room Ceil Lyden, teacher

Sandra's Home Page See the fun and fancilful work of Sandr Barrick--known Art Educators as Astroboy!

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