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Art Education Links

ArtsEdNet: An online service developed to support the needs of the art education community. 

@rt Room: Art Sparklers-- ideas for art projects. 'Artrageous' Thinking--learn what it means to "think like an artist." Art gallery-- view art work created by kids from all over the world. Artifacts-- historical facts and trivia from the world of art.
Art library--reviews of books written for kids about art and
artists. Art links visit other art web sites. Artist birthdays.

Artcyclopedia  Search by artist, art style or movement, medium, and subject. Quality site with links to other sites on the Web about your selected topic.

Eyes on Art- Interactive site that allows students to critique works of art, select works for their own "museum" and even take an on-line quiz.  Quality site for middle school students and beyond.

Busy Teacher WebSite

Ohio Partnership for the Visual Arts
Free Internet Resources for the visual Arts

Art Education Page-K1 Internet School Library Media Center- James Madison University.

FREE resources on the Net 
Art, History, Music and Photography

North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts:
This site uses museum resources to help art teachers in integrating the arts into the classroom. 
  Art Education and Museum Links.

University of Michigan- Art History (known as "The Mother of all Art History Links")

Art History links page

Art History-Sweet Briar College 
Internet Resources by time period- maintained by Chris Witcombe.

Kennedy Center- ArtsEdge.  Student friendly links to cultures, people, themes, times and seasons

Art Lesson Plans: The Incredible Art Department
This site gives teachers a place to share art lesson plans.

Crayola Kids  Cute site for elementary children--Lots of on-line activities.

Welcome to Clay Animation  Marc Spess- "how to" page

Carol (Jackson) Gerton - Scanned art images- some biographical information about artists.  Carol Gerten Mirror Site

Mark Harden Artchive- scanned art images

World Art Treasures
Slide collection of art form Egypt, China, Japan, India, and Europe

World Wide Arts Resources Data Base

Education Index-A

Art History Links page

Adobe PhotoShop Elements lessons

Catapult Productions- 3-D Animations

Background on the History of Cartooning

Myths and Legends links page.  Aside from the General section, links are organized by region and language group, with those groups which produced written accounts of their
myths and legends earlier, generally appearing closer to the beginning.

Digital Photography Short course--information on a number of topics

Life Magazine

Webster Dictionary- On-line

Tech Museum on-line - Virtual tours of the Tech Museum of Innovation

Copyright information (rules for fair usage on the Internet)

PBS Teacher Source